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buy Hei ChaLike all other Chinese teas, Hei Cha is family of Chinese teas. They are characterized post-fermentation - the teas develop through continuous fermentation after their production. The more they are aged, the better the quality. Hei Cha is therefore an alternative name of 'aged tea'. 

Hei Cha varieties 

There are many tea varieties in these family. 

By areas of production: 

  • Hunan (湖南) Hei Cha: eg Fu Brick, Tian Jian & Qian Liang Cha
  • Hubei (湖北) Hei Cha: Qing Brick
  • Guangxi (广西) Hei Cha: Liu Bao
  • Yunnan (云南) Hei Cha: ripened Pu-erh
  • Sichuan (四川)Hei Cha: Bian Cha
  • Shanxi Hei (陕西) Cha: Fu Brick

By shape/form:

Hei Cha is known for their many health benefits.  

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