Health Information

With modern medicine advancing fast based on the scientific researches and technology development, fatalities in many life threatening conditions are on the decline. One group of conditions however have been against this trend and in steady increase to have caused plenty of stress and pain at both personal and society health care level. They are called modern life style conditions, such as cancers, cardio-vascular disease, inflammatory diseases and obesity just to name a few. The doctors seem to have run out of answers with just pills and knifes.

During the last 30 plus yeas, many researches have devoted significant effort into finding a solution within the lifestyle itself, including exercise and diet. Chinese teas are among the most studied ones due to their high levels of anti-oxidants.

We aim to look into some of the latest and most relevant research results to offer our customers some insight into tea and health. Although the owner of the business En Jie has a medical and public health research background, we like to inform most of the information offered here are research result based, largely from PUBMED (a database of US National Library of Medicine & National Institutes of Health).We reference the source of the information wherever we can.