What is green tea?

green tea All teas are made of Camellia sinensis, including green tea. The variation is a result of their different making process, with the ‘degree of fermenting’ playing a crucial part. Green tea is the only class of Chinese tea that is unfermented.

Following are some facts about green teas:

  1. It is the biggest class of Chinese teas, with more than 300 recorded
  2. It is believed to be the most original Chinese tea: picked and tried to preserve. Although many varieties have been produced since using different making skills.
  3. High quality loose leaf green teas are not only fresh, but made of very young tender tip leaves.
  4. Highest level of natural anti-oxidant - about 1/3 of its dry weight
  5. The most extensively studied Chinese tea by recent health research. The interest is intensifying and research is continuing.
  6. Many health benefits of green tea drinking have been reported including being preventive of various life style related conditions such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and obesity.