Green tea, one of the most original Chinese teas

green teaWe are all familiar with the ancient Chinese tale of how the tea was discovered by the ancient Chinese emperor Shen-Nong-Shi in about 2737 BC: when he was touring the country on a hot day and taking a rest under a tree, some leaves fell from the bush above into the pot by which a servant was boiling some water for him to drink. The boiled water turned into a lingeringly refreshing brew which marked the birth of the second most consumed beverage today - TEA.

It is believed by the historians that the people at that time tried to preserve the ‘refreshing leaves’ by drying them. This is largely how green teas are still made today: by harvesting and dehydrating the leaves. However, the knowledge, techniques and skills of making green tea have been immensely refined and extended since. As a result, green tea family has flourished into hundreds of different varieties, each with its own unique characteristics.