Good Quality Dragon Well Green Tea

Dragon Well (Long Jing) green tea is one of, if not the most, well known Chinese green teas. It birthplace is the Long Jing Village of the Zhe Jiang Province, east of China. 

Dragon well green tea's product history is over 1000 years, known for: 

Appearance: Dragon Well has unique Long Jing villagetightly flatten tea leaves, a result of continuous pressing of the tea leaves during its wok baking. The leaves are glossily green/yellow in colour with plenty of white down - a characteristics of freshly produced young tender tip leaves. It's brew is bright,  clear, yellow and vivid.

Smell: Dragon Well has a distinctive roasted chestnut aroma for both of the dry tea leaves and when the leaves are first in contact with hot water. It is rich, uplifting and beautifully refreshing.

Taste: Dragon Well has a rich yet refreshingly nutty flavour which is also slightly sweet. It has a mellow texture followed by a delightful lingering after taste.