Good Quality Bi Luo Chun green tea

Good quality Bi Luo Chun green tea should have following characteristics:

AJiang Su bi luo chunppearance of the dry leaves: fine curled, dark green tea leaves cover by find fur (a characteristics of freshly produced young tender tip leaves)

Smell of dry leaves: fresh and aromatic.

Taste (brewed tea): light and subtle, even refreshingly, slightly bitter to start, followed by a powerful, using one of our customer’s words “exquisite complex aftertaste”.

Our Bi Luo Chun is produced in Jiang Su province China, where this quality of Bi Luo Chun is exclusively produced. It is a result of its natural environment (water, weather, soil etc.), unique craftmenship of the local tea producers and up to thousands of years of Bi Luo Chun making experiences. There have been some other tea producers trying to clone this tea outside of the area, for instance Taiwan. Here is a description of the differences by a Taiwanese tea supplier:

The Taiwanese leaves, left, are bigger. I had to use at least twice as much to get the same concentration as the Jiang Su Bi Lo Chun. Bi Lo Chun should have lots of hair on the leaves. But Taiwan's almost has none, as you can see on this second picture:

As for the smell, Taiwan's is quite similar and pleasant. But the yun, the after
taste, is almost non existent, whereas I found Mailand Bi Lo Chun's yun especially powerful.

If you put more emphasis on the fragrance, then the Taiwan Bi Lo Chun can be a good alternative to the expensive Bi Lo Chun, which I can't provide. But if you are looking for after taste, then it can't compare to the original Bi Lo Chun from Jiang Su.”