Chinese green tea vs Japanese green tea

Green Tea originated from China. It was brought to Japan by a Japanese Buddhist monk in around 1191.  Although the majority of the characteristics of green tea have been preserved, the Japanese have since cultivated and manufactured their own variations of green teas, using slightly different techniques:

Chinese Green Tea:

  • Most Chinese green teas are roasted/baked and contain a slightly ‘nutty’ flavour while being refreshing at the same timeBuy Chinese green tea
  • The Chinese enjoy their full leaf teas and their original flavours; only the broken and low quality leaves are used for blending
  • Premium Chinese green teas are mostly made from carefully-selected tender young leaves

Japanese Green teas:

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  • Are mainly steam-softened and then dried, often with a ‘raw green’ taste instead of roasted aroma
  • Are made into various forms such as powder and paste
  • Have additions such as rice bubbles
  • Use mature and broken leaves more.