Coupons and discounts

Valley Green Tea is currently offering following coupons and discounts to reward our customers' support and loyalty:

Current discounts at Valley Green Tea:

  • free shipping for orders over $80 AUD.
  • Bulk discount: 15% for orders over 500g and 20% for orders over 1kg of any tea type. This discount has to be organised through administrator and is not to be┬ácombined with any other discount or coupon offers. Please email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or phone (02)95703571 to make your claim.
  • With every purchase of 6 boxes of Lotus Leaf Slimming Tea, you get 1 additional box for free
  • With every purchase of 6 boxes of JiaoGuLan herbal tea, you get 1 additional box for free

Discount coupons at Valley Green Tea:

  • A 10% discount coupon for orders above $120, in addition to the free shipping. This discount coupon can only be used for your future order as it is issued after a $120 order is placed online.
  • A 10% discount coupon for referring us to your friends

Gift Coupons:

You can now purchase gift coupons for friends, relatives or any other purpose. Please email us with the person(s) or organisation(s)' name(s) and the amount of coupons that you intend to present, we will get back to you a specific coupon code to be redeemed.