Elegant - Jasmine Ball Tea

Green tea leaves are rolled with a chain of jasmine blossoms into a large ball,and then scented by jasmine. Another highly visual and scented jasmine flower tea.
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JinJunMei (Golden Eyebrow) - second

This black tea is Chinese black tea at its prime. It is produced at the birth place of Lapsang souchong, processed using only the tip leaves with a highly refined method. Packaging sizes: 50gm and 100gm.
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Organic Souchong - second grade

This is a second grade organic Souchong produced in the Fu Jian province of China. Due to its harvesting time of the year, this tea is not as aromatic as our premium grade organic Souchong, but still a lovely drinking tea. Packaging sizes: 50gm and 100gm.
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Ge Kiln personal tea set

This is a personal tea set made of Ge Kiln ceramic and glass. It includes a teapot, a matching teacup and a second glass tea cup also serves as a lid of the teapot.
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Ru Kiln tea cup

This is a premium Chinese Gongfu tea cup made Ru Kiln ceramic in De Hua, one of the ceramic capitals of China. It has all the natures of a high class Ru Kiln ceramic, a pleasure to own and use.
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Glass tea cup and saucer - 1

Colour available: green only.
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Glass tea cup and saucer - 2

This tea cup and saucer set comes in colors, blue, green and clear.
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