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We offer a fine collection of quality Chinese white teas sourced directly from China's white tea growing heartlands: the Fujian and Yunnan Province.

What is white tea

White tea, one of the six main categories of Chinese teas, is unique. Like all conventional teas, they are made of camellia sinensis plant leaves. A unique technique of white tea processing named Wei-Diao (萎凋 - withering) separates them from other categories of Chinese teas. 

There are less tea varieties within this category in comparison to other Chinese teas and these have a hierarchy based on potential quality:

  1. Top grade Silver needle - made of only the young bud leaves of the tea plant covered by the silvery white fur
  2. White Peony - made of one bud leaf of the tea plant plus a couple green leaves beneath
  3. Shou Mei/Gong Mei - made of mostly mature green leaves

Fu-Jian white tea

The Fu-Jian province, south-east of China is the birth place of all white teas. The are a few pockets areas in the Fu-Jian Province known to produce the best Chinese white teas in the world: Fu-Ding (福鼎), Zheng He (政和), Song-Xi (松溪) and Jian-Yiang (建阳). 

FuDing white tea

Buy organic white teaFuDing situates at the north-east part of the FuJian Province. White teas have been produced here for about 1000 years. (The image on the right is the plantation where our Fuding white teas are produced.) The unique tea plant Fuding Da Bai Hao (福鼎大白毫 - Fuding Big White Down) used to product these white teas is known to have the superior quality and health benefits.

We offer the top three Fuding white teas in our online tea shop for those who wish to purchase authentic original Chinese Fujian white teas: Silver Needle, White Peony and Shou Mei.

Zheng-He white tea

Zheng-He is located in the north of the Fujian Province. It is the second main white tea production area of the region. It's geological profile is as such in comparison to Fuding, slightly higher altitude and lower average annual temperature. 

A fundamental technique of white tea processing is a delicate and highly skillful step called Wei-Diao (萎凋 - withering). While FuDing white tea's Wei-Diao is done by the sun, ZhengHe white tea's Wei-Diao is carried out in the shade. 

White teas from other areas of the Fujian Province

Due to the recent surge of the white tea prices, there are other areas of the Fujian Province with similar climate conditions to Fuding and Zheng-He have either started producing, or extend their low profile white tea production. The quality of the these white teas are comparable, but sold at much lower prices. Valley Green Tea has used our sourcing power to source some rather high quality ones to offer our budget conscious customers some alternatives, such as the Shou-Ning Silver Needle.  

Yunnan White tea 

The Yunnan Province, south-west of China is known for its Pu-erh tea production. Its unique natural fertile environment, including the high mountain ranges and unspoiled forests is ideal for tea trees (as opposed to tea bush grown in East China), especially the arbour tea trees. The tea crops produced here are, strong, potent and full of internal energy, which is also ideal for white tea production.

Yunnan's white tea production has a relatively shorter history and smaller scale. It is however developing into a brand with its own right and nature. Since it is not as established as the FuJian white teas, the price is considerably lower. It is a value for money option for budget conscious white tea buyers.

Our white tea range

We offer an extensive range of Chinese white teas:

  • All quality grades: Silver Needle, White Peony & Shou Mei
  • Organic and non-organic white teas
  • Loose teas and tea cakes
  • Fujian and Yunnan white teas
  • Fresh white tea and aged white teas 

Buy pure Chinese white tea

Some re-sellers add cheaper ingredients such Goji, citrus, other flowers or fruits to white tea and call this a blend. Our white teas are unadulterated and of premium quality (please read our customer reviews), as we believe in pure tea, pure taste and natural products.

Fu Jian is also the home province  of En Jie - the founder of this business.

"I am particularly proud of the quality of the white tea I have been able to provide and gratified that my customers enjoy these so much. I highly recommend our white teas to you."  EnJie.

For more information, please visit: white tea preparation and storage guide and white tea information.