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Bamboo tea tray square

This is a small square tea tray made of solid bamboo, ideal for home tea brewing. It is a cultural display on a table, in addition to a practical tea tray for catching the residual liquid during tea brewing and serving.
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Bamboo tea tray A

A carefully crafted bamboo tea tray that offers not only the practicality of catching the residual liquid during the tea brewing, but also a fine art display of Chinese bamboo culture.
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Bamboo tea tray B

An art decorated bamboo tea tray offering a practical platform for tea brewing, art of Chinese calligraphy and strength and resilience of bamboo articles.
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Tea brewing is a major part of the tea culture and a tea tray is an essential.

Tea tray is a platform where the tea is made and served with a liquid catching and storing component below. When brewing premium Chinese teas, the tea vessels are traditionally rinsed with the tea rinsing hot water before the process of tea brewing to ensure they are clean, warm and moist. The tea tray is designed to catch this raising water and any not wanted liquid during the tea making.

Over the long history of tea consumption, especially in China, tea trays have been made with various materials, incorporating practicality, art and history into their designs. A good tea tray is essential for those tea lovers to own and enjoy.


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