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Jasmine Mao Feng

A quality green tea organically produced & scented by seasonally harvested jasmine blossoms. A product of the elegant refreshing aroma of green tea and fresh jasmine blossoms combined, built on the supreme health benefits of an organic green tea.
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Jasmine Green Tea - Snow White

This is a jasmine scented green tea: A fragrant and refreshing loose jasmine green tea made of premium green tea leave scented by jasmine blossoms. Packaging size: 50g & 100g.
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Jasmine Green Tea - Snow White Bouquet

Jasmine scented green tea : Premium green tea loose leaves scented by high quality jasmine blossoms. A bouquet of refreshing green tea flavor and elegant Jasmine perfume. Package: 50g & 100g
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Jasmine Pearl Tea (Dragon Pearl Tea)

Our jasmine pearl green tea is premium quality green tea hand rolled into pearls before being scented by seasonally harvested fresh jasmine blossoms. A top quality and popular Jasmine Pearl Tea to savour. Package: 50g & 100g
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Jasmine Black Tea

A premium quality fine Chinese black tea scented by seasonally harvested fresh jasmine blossoms. Thus jasmine black tea is a product of the elegant and refreshing aroma fresh jasmine blossoms combined with the rounded flavor and smooth texture of a fine black tea. A must try for the jasmine tea lovers.
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We offer the premium quality finest loose leaf jasmine tea, sourced from China. Our range includes jasmine pearl tea, green tea with jasmine, jasmine ball tea, organic jasmine tea and jasmine black tea.

  • Jasmine pearls can be used in teapots or mugs.
  • Jasmine blooming tea balls are larger and generally used in tea pots.

Other names for Jasmine Tea:

Jasmine pearl, Buddha's tears, dragon pearl, jasmine green tea

Jasmine scented green tea - a unique green tea from China

Traditionally, premium Chinese green teas are not blended to maintain purity and uniqueness - similar to premium wines. Jasmine tea however is quite unique however, with the sweet fragrance of jasmine blossom discovered to enhance and preserve various teas, as well as adding a special touch of elegance. Jasmine scented tea has therefore become an unique tea blend with it own right.

How our fine Jasmine green tea and Jasmine black teas are made

Jasmine tea production is a labour intensive and occurs during mid summer when Jasmine is blooming:

  1. Green tea or black tea use to make the jasmine tea are first prepared.
  2. Jasmine flowers are then harvested under strict conditions: only the unopened buds are harvested (already open blossom have already released their perfume, therefore not desired), harvesting takes place only in the afternoonwhen it is sunny and  not within 3 days after a rain.
  3. Jasmine blossoms are then spread under the shade and turned over regularly to make sure the blossoms are in their prime conditions for later use, which is to open and release the maximum level of perfume.
  4. Jasmine blossoms are then mixed with the green tea or black tea during the night, carefully monitored, temperature controlled and constantly adjusted by turning over the mixture of tea and jasmine blossoms mixture. This process continues throughout the whole night. Jjasmine tea processors hardly sleep at night during this season. 
  5. The tea leaves can soak up to 20% of the moisture from the fresh jasmine blossoms during the process. Thefore tea leave are now baked again to reduce the moisture to the normal level. 
  6. A premium Jasmine tea requires the above process repeated 6-9 times for the intense Jasmine perfume to be thoroughly infused into the teas. 

The effect is a soothing tea with an elegant jasmine aroma combined with the refreshing aftertaste of green tea or black tea.

For  information on preparation and storage of Jasmine Tea, please visit: Jasmine tea preparation and storage guide