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From: $Au 10.50
A premium loose Jiao Gu Lan (Gynostemma) made using the method traditionally used for processing Tie Guan Yin Oolong tea.
From: $Au 7.70
Jiaogulan has been described as an 'immortality herb' in China. In addition to its many health benefits, it is an ideal soother to relief stress and assist in sleep.
From: $Au 24.80
Dry rose buds ideal for those who are always enchanted by the fragrance of elegant roses. It could be used as an infusion on its own, or add to other teas for a blend. Package 100g.
From: $Au 15.40
Chamomile whole flowers that fill a cup with distinctively sweet, refreshing and calming chamomile fragrance. Package 100g.
From: $Au 15.40
Full peppermint leaves offering you a perfect cup of refreshment. Package: 100g.

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Herbal tea refers to beverages brewed from other plants apart from Camellia sinensis, although many Chinese blended teas also include Camellia sinensis as an ingredient. Almost any part of a plant could be used in herbal teas: leaves, flowers, seeds, stems, barks and loots.

The Chinese have a  long history of herbal remedies that pre-dates western medicine. Chinese have used herbs extensively for cures to disease, as well as part of their diet (food and beverage) to promote good health and prevent diseases.

Herbal teas are time-honoured agents to strengthening the body and treating diseases.