Valley Green Tea Offers

At Valley Green Tea We offer many products, services and culture related advice. Following are just a glimpse of some. 

Quality graded premium teas:

We offer all six main categories of Chinese teas, green tea, white tea, yellow tea, Oolong tea, black tea and compressed tea (Pu-erh tea); a wide range of Chinese tea accessories and health herbal teas.

Selection pack and tea gifts:

For the naive tea drinkers who wish to try out a range of Chinese teas, we have a selection pack that includes the most popular green tea, white tea, Oolong tea, jasmine tea and black tea. It does not cover everything, but a good start of some of the most popular Chinese teas for sampling.

We also offer a range of tea gifts for all occasions, self-selected or pre-arranged, packages or gift e-cards

Free samples on request:

We are aware that the traditional way of purchasing a premium tea is to feel: look, smell and taste. Being a predominately online business, we offer 3 free tea samples on request so that our customers can sample them in their own time and space to make their own judgements about the teas.

Various levels of discounts and coupons:

We offer various coupons and discounts, such as 10% discount coupons for new registrations and free shipping for orders over $80 AUD. Check it out here: coupons and discounts.

Wholesale/bulk orders:

Based on our local supply in Australia and our extensive network in China, Valley Green Tea can deliver wholesale orders of almost any type based on individual requirements and delivery time frame. 

Special orders:

Special orders such as wedding gifts and special packages for promotion functions and events can be custom arranged. Please contact us for further discussion: Valley Green Tea contact

Cafe packages:

We supply cafes with our premium loose leaf teas, cafe convenient tea infusers and display canister (free of charge). Please contact us for further info: Valley Green Tea contact.