Weight management 1 - why we put it on?

Understanding weight gain through human history.

Much attention is given to losing weight, with many techniques and approaches advocated. Why such an issue? The human body will gain weight when we consume more energy than we can expend. It’s a simple flow equation. For most of human history the odds were heavily stacked against this flow ever being positive or sustainable. For our unfortunate ancestors, food, especially high energy food was generally scarce or took lots of energy and risk to hunt down, had to be shared widely across the tribe, or would be putrid or stolen in a couple of days. It made sense to totally gorge when food was on. Bodies that could accommodate the additional energy had better survival rates during the inevitable shortages that followed. Those whose appetites and stomachs adjusted to accommodate larger meals when available, shortened survival odds. In more recent times human society, aided by labour saving devices of all sorts has tipped the battle for survival in our favour. The flow equation is now easily positive all the time for large numbers of people - especially in the west. The human body however remains as adapted as ever for those periods of food shortage, except they mostly now don’t happen! With all the food now so easily available, appetites expand with waistlines true to design. When we reduce the flow we immediately feel hungry. The body’s response from history is to attempt to maintain body size via increased appetite. Our brains complain - "just one more major food experience is normal - indulge and live!". I understand that people who deliberately “supersize” experience greater difficulties in getting weight off than anticipated. So what to do in the modern age when diets aren’t enforceable by “kind” mother nature? Our subsequent posts will attempt to discuss some strategies.

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En Jie Rudd

The founder and owner of Valley Green Tea

I grew up in the Fu-Jian Province – the tea country of China. Tea drinking has been part of our daily life for as long as I can remember.

While I was working as a public health researcher a few years ago, I read many research reports conducted over the last 30 years about the health benefits of green tea in fighting certain life style related challenges such as cancer, obesity, cardio-vascular and inflammatory diseases etc.

From my research, I realised there is a significant gap between what people consume (i.e. commercial tea bags) for assumed health benefits and the actual benefits that have been enjoyed by the Chinese for a long history from the premium loose leaf teas.

As well as being potentially beneficial to health, the premium loose teas (green tea being the biggest group) are most enjoyable beverages with a fascinating history, colourful culture and holistically dynamic in every aspect.

It is my passion to share, not only the products, but also the whole culture dynamics around the premium teas with the tea enthusiasts, here in Australia and around the world.

Valley Green Tea currently supplis a diverse range of premium loose teas to the tea drinking community that suit all tastes and all cultures and to pass on a deep understanding of the history and benefits of this wonder beverage.

Website: https://www.valleygreentea.com.au
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