DEHP contamination concerns

There has been recent media scrutiny regarding certain food products from Taiwan containing chemical DEHP which is potentially cancer-causing. What teas are exposed to these risks?

There has been recent media scrutiny regarding certain food products from Taiwan containing chemical DEHP which is potentially cancer-causing. Valley Green Tea would like to inform our customers that this concern should NOT be associated with any of our products:

  1. This particular contamination is solely associated with a Taiwanese manufacturer ‘Yu Shen Chemical Co’, and the local factories using their products as ingredients for their own. None of Valley Green Tea’s product is imported from Taiwan, and therefore impossible to be affected.
  2. DEHP is believed to be ‘a banned chemical acting as a clouding agent’, presumably used in pre-processed foods and drinks that benefit from the ‘clouding effects’. There have been reports that certain ‘bubble milk tea (a mixed drink of tea, milk, men made pearls and other additives sold in plastic cups read to drink) ingredients imported from Taiwan carry the risk of contamination.  All Valley Green Tea products are raw dry tea leaves, without any preservative or additives added. We advise to brew only with water and avoid milk. ‘Clouding agent’ is not necessary at any stage of the tea preparation and thus totally irrelevant to our products.

We assure our customers who are not aware of the above facts that all teas sold at Valley Green Tea are free of DEHP.

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En Jie Rudd

The founder and owner of Valley Green Tea

I grew up in the Fu-Jian Province – the tea country of China. Tea drinking has been part of our daily life for as long as I can remember.

While I was working as a public health researcher a few years ago, I read many research reports conducted over the last 30 years about the health benefits of green tea in fighting certain life style related challenges such as cancer, obesity, cardio-vascular and inflammatory diseases etc.

From my research, I realised there is a significant gap between what people consume (i.e. commercial tea bags) for assumed health benefits and the actual benefits that have been enjoyed by the Chinese for a long history from the premium loose leaf teas.

As well as being potentially beneficial to health, the premium loose teas (green tea being the biggest group) are most enjoyable beverages with a fascinating history, colourful culture and holistically dynamic in every aspect.

It is my passion to share, not only the products, but also the whole culture dynamics around the premium teas with the tea enthusiasts, here in Australia and around the world.

Valley Green Tea currently supplis a diverse range of premium loose teas to the tea drinking community that suit all tastes and all cultures and to pass on a deep understanding of the history and benefits of this wonder beverage.


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