Dian Hong black tea

What is Dian Hong black teabuy Dian Hong black tea

Dian Hong is a family of premium Chinese black teas, made of arbour tea trees' big tea leaves from the area of Yunnan. The production of Dian Hong start from about the early 19th century, with the main production areas being the south and south-west of Yunnan.

The fundamental difference between a Dian Hong and other black teas is that Dian Hong's teas leaves are arbour tea tree leaves, while the other premium Chinese black teas are made of tea leaves of either small or mid size tea plant species. The prominent features of Dian Hong are: strong tea leaves covered with gold fur; rich and bright tea brew in red; aroma refreshing and uplifting; flavour potent and long lasting; wet leaves red and oily.

Difference between a Dian Hong and a Pu-erh

Dian Hong is processed in such a way that once the production is completed, the fermentation is stopped. Pu-erh on the other hand is a post-fermenting tea. They are processed to continue to ferment after their production.


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