About En Jie

The public face of Valley Green Tea is En Jie, whose varied background and experiences have uEnJie & Valley Green Teaniquely qualified her to both source quality Chinese teas at good prices and provide comment on the related health benefits:

  • En Jie is a former medical practitioner and public health researcher. She has a degree in western medicine (China) and a Masters in Public Health (University of Sydney).
  • She practised as a doctor and specialist surgeon in China.
  • She immigrated to Australia more than 20 years ago. 
  • In Australia she has worked as a researcher at both Macquarie University and the  University of NSW on qualitative aspects of many life style related health conditions.
  • En Jie grew up in China's Fujian Province - a tea producing area famous for its Oolong ("Wulong") and white tea.  As a local who speaks the dialect, she can maintain close direct contact with her tea producers.

En Jie believes that Chinese tea has something to offer in an era where life style related conditions such as obesity, cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes are taking an increasing toll on the population. En Jie's promotion of the enjoyment of Chinese teas is consistent with her interest in community health through natural remedies.

En Jie is available to give tea demonstrations - which can prove a popular draw card for the right venue.

EnJie meets with both the producers and tea growers when she vistits China to review the harvest and choose and revise her tea range. Tea is stored to preserve the freshness using the latest techniques for storing high quality loose leaf teas.En Jie & Oolong tea growers

Speaking the local dialect gives EnJie a distinct advantage with local producers. She can source tea products and accessories over what we advertise for sale in this site.