Pure tea, pure taste & natural health - shop now

Pure tea, pure taste & natural health - shop now

On offer are - New season fresh, pure premium leave teas!

Buy Premium Green Tea

Buy Premium Green Tea

Seasonally imported premium green tea: pure, fresh and optimally preserved.

Buy Organic White Tea

Buy Organic White Tea

A unique Chinese jewel: supplied directly by FuJian organic white tea farmer.

Buy Authentic Pu-erh Tea

Buy Authentic Pu-erh Tea

Authentically produced in the Yun Nan Province of China: aid in digestion and weight loss.

Free samples & shipping

Free samples & shipping

Free samples on request;  Free shipping for domestic orders over $80.  

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Valley Green Tea

Valley Green Tea is an Australian company specialising in premium quality authentic Chinese loose leaf teas.

We offer all six main categories of teas: green tea, white tea, yellow tea, Oolong tea, black tea and Pu-erh tea. The teas we offer are personally selected by the business owner En Jie, who grew up in the Fujian Province - a famous tea producing area of China.

The teas we supply were quality tested before their importation. We take extra precaution during packaging, transportation and storage to ensure the preservation of the original high quality.

We ship directly to our customers from our warehouse where the teas are stored under optimal conditions.

Our promises to our customers are quality and value for money. Customers love our teas and become very loyal. Please visit our online tea shop and indulge yourself!

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buy Chinese teaChina is the ancient birthplace of all teas. The culture of its tea production and consumption has been developed over a history of more than 2000 year.The spectrum of Chinese tea is broad, from the unfermented green tea to the fully fermented black tea, with hundreds of varieties in each family. Call it passion or obsession, the Chinese tea drinkers accept only the best.

We unashamedly believe, and this is affirmed by many tea experts around the world, that China has only the best to offer.

buy green teaValley Green Tea is all about quality.

Premium quality is a word that many tea suppliers apply universally, regardless of the fundamentals.

At Valley Green Tea, premium quality means teas are personally selected by EnJie who buys new season teas directly from the tea farmers in China, quality graded (by Chinese tea professionals) and stored under optimal conditions (per tea type) for local distribution.






Customer Feedback

Oolong/Wulong Tea

Tie Guan Yin (Iron Buddha):

"Hello EnJie,This is by far the BEST Tie Guan Yin I have had the pleasure of tasting. The delicacy of the nutty flavour, with NO bitterness and NO taste of chemical residue that you get from supermarket Teas. Enjoyed every sip of this tea." - Mark

"Let me say to begin that prior to last week i had no love for tea in the least. In fact, the tea i had tasted previously, from store brought tea bags, i thought was horrible! My good friend was kind enough to bring over a tea from Valley Green Tea that he was raving about, (Tie Guan Yin or Iron Buddha), and i had a taste. Wow! I absolutely loved it, and after making him leave a sachet behind, drank it all within the next few days. I have now just placed my own order for a 100mg packet of the same tea. It has a lovely taste" - Richard

"I must say this is the best tea I have ever had in my Life! You need no sugar, it offers maximum enjoyment with no bitterness.

Quick shipping and the Packaging is excellent I bought 100g and there were 10x10g vacuum sealed sachets inside a vacuum sealed container to ensure that the tea remains fresh until you drink it.

Finally I am very impressed with the quality of this tea and after this experience I do not see myself ever buying off the shelf supermarket tea's ! I strongly recommend this tea and the seller."

"I would rate this tea as a 5 star. this is the best tea ever i had tried. i would recommend this tea even for new beginners with green tea. the quality of this tea is obviously savoured by it's refreshing aroma and pleasant taste. come on green tea lovers, try it!" - Metzi

Da Hong Pao (Big Red Robe)-Wu Yi Oolon Tea:

"I have tasted a few of your teas but would have to say Da Hong Pao is by far my favorite. Taste fantastic and gives me plenty of energy, cheers guys keep up the good work." - Tyrone

Rou Gui - Wu Yi Oolong Tea:

"Excellent tea that is a true pleasure to drink. I probably make it stronger than recommended, but it tolerates long and short steepings, each creating a tea of exceptional taste and quality. Highest recommendation!"  - Yvonne

"Love this tea.I was amaze it taste good. Easy to drink. Its not strong.. it has a light taste to it. I recommend this tea. Nice drinking this tea in the afternoon." - Kelly

Green Tea

Bi Luo Chun Green Tea:

"This is by far my favourite green tea - absolutely amazing stuff. Highly recommended."- Eugene

"Bi Luo Chun has been a favorite tea of mine for a couple of years now. To find a source of organic Bi Lou Chun was very exciting to me. But then to taste the extra fine quality of this Bi Lou Chun was even better. It has a refinement to it, with an exquisite complex aftertaste.This tea has real depth.Thanks for your contribution to the Tea drinking world En Jie" - Richard

Dragon Well Green Tea:

"I had been getting my tea shipped from singapore which can be expensive until I came across this Australian suppier (Valley green tea) The quality is excellent and have no hesitation in recommending to others"  - Alan

"Excellent green tea....we purchased the high grade. Superb taste,great packaging and delivery, stop wasting your money buying poor quality teas from health stores try these and you'll see the difference." - Lloyd

"The grade of Dragon Well tea you have is very good, I would recommend your Dragon Well tea to others. I enjoyed it and will continue to buy from you." - Fon-Vei 

"I purchased the high grade Dragon Well Green Tea and could not be more pleased with it. It has a very light green colour, is very light and refreshing to taste. It looks freshly picked compared to some of the other green teas that I have purchased that almost look like grass twigs. I would recommend it to anyone that likes a good quality green tea." - Maxine 

"A subtle yet very tasty tea. It has a slight sweetness and leaves a pleasant hint of chestnut lingering in your mouth.The extra high grade tea leaves are of very high quality." -  Eugene

 Mao Jian Green Tea:

"I really like this tea! It is emerald green and very clean & I will be ordering more of it in the future. " - David

White Tea

Silver Needle (Bai Hao Yinzhen) : "Astonishingly good. The clean refreshing flavour is matched by the beautiful honey amber colour of the finished tea. It needs very gentle care in storage lest it becomes powdery." - Joe

White Peony (Pai Mu Dan): "This is a fine white tea for the money. As with all the teas I have tried from this website - good stuff, thanks!"  - David.

Jasmine Tea

"So fragrant and wonderfully delicious. Like sipping a subtle perfume. I love this tea and have found that whenever I make a cup, or a pot, of simple green tea I can't resist adding some.Just magic !" - Alanna

"A lovely tea and excellent value! Much better than anything else I have been able to buy in Australia. Have been spoilt by tea in China, and this one is indistinguishable from my memories of tea there." - Christobel


"Hi, I'm no connoisseur of Chinese teas and I only first tried a loose leaf version of pu-erh (polay / bolay) tea at a Chinese restaurant a little while back. I did like the slightly stronger cleansing flavour and sensation of this tea though and wanted to drink it on a more regular basis. So I decided to give this one a go, and I must say I like it very much. I will be ordering it again, although with this quantity I'd say it will last me quite a while. 

The products I ordered were well packed and shipped quickly. Thanks" - Robert