Valley Green Tea

Valley Green Tea is a premium loose leaf Chinese tea specialist.


The owner of the business is En Jie. She was a medical practitioner turned public health researcher. She grew up and was trained in western medicine in the tea country of China, the FuJian Province.

While she was conducting her public health researcher during the last 20 years or so at various major universities in Sydney, she came cross numerous scientific literatures reporting the health benefits of tea drinking, especially those relating to modern life styles as: obesity, high cholesterol levels and blood pressure, cardio-vascular diseases, cancers, diabetes, arthritis, inflammatory diseases and more.

She realised that people raced out to the supermarkets and started consuming green teas (and others) like Chinese medicine.

It was then when she decided to introduce the REAL Chinese teas, as an enjoyment and a culture of 2000 years history first, and health benefits as the by-products to the western society now she is living in.

Direction and discussions

She will discuss various of aspects of tea consumption with the readers and tea consumers here, from history to the recent renewed interests in teas, from preparation guides to how to maximise the health benefits of tea consumptions etc.

She is also very happy to join in the discussions of topics raised by the readers. So please submit any comments, topics of interests and arguments that you may have.

Chinese tea culture is her pride and she will discuss with her passion.

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  1. Ireland says:

    Thanky Thanky for all this good ifonrmatoin!

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